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Soledad Community Health Care District Celebrates Remarkable Resident's 105th Birthday (Press Release)

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January 22, 2024


Media Contact:

Adriana Gonzalez, Communications Coordinator



Soledad Community Health Care District Celebrates 

Remarkable Resident's 105th Birthday


SOLEDAD, Calif.— Soledad Community Health Care District (SCHCD) is delighted to announce the celebration of a momentous milestone in the life of one of our cherished residents, Ms. Jeannie Aquino, who is turning 105 years old.


Jeannie Aquino, a lifelong resident of the City of Soledad, has been an integral part of our community since her early years. Originally from Guanajuato, Mexico, she arrived in Soledad with her family as a baby. Over the decades, Ms. Aquino has contributed significantly to the fabric of our community, working in the central coast fields, teaching catechism at Our Lady of Solitude Church, and becoming a beloved figure among our residents.


Currently residing at the Eden Valley Care Center, Ms. Aquino has been a pillar of strength and inspiration. We are thrilled to celebrate her remarkable journey on Friday, January 26, 2024, just before her actual birthday on January 27. The celebration will take place at the Eden Valley Skilled Nursing Facility from 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM.


"Soledad Community Health Care District is honored to celebrate the incredible life of Ms. Jeannie Aquino on her 105th birthday," said SCHCD CEO Ida Lopez Chan. "Her enduring dedication to our community exemplifies the spirit of resilience and connection we cherish. Through this celebration, we emphasize our commitment to community engagement and the well-being of our residents. Ms. Aquino's story is a testament to the rich tapestry of Soledad, and we are privileged to share in this milestone with her and our community."


Ms. Aquino's commitment to our community reaches beyond personal milestones. A proud mother of six children—David, Peter, Joey, Felisa, Sol, and Sharon—her family legacy is interwoven with Soledad's rich history. Her children, familiar with uncles Frank Ledesma and Joe Ledesma, and cousin Fred Ledesma, all former mayors, continue the family's civic contributions.


"Until this day, I don't recall my aunt, Jeannie, not taking care of our family; she is the matriarch of our family," said former Soledad mayor, Fred Ledesma. "There are people who are nice and not so nice, but my aunt Jeannie is always kind and positive. She knows how to treat people."


For those interested in joining us to celebrate this remarkable milestone, please contact Adriana Gonzalez, Communications Coordinator, at 831-678-6033 or


SCHCD extends an open invitation to the community to join us in honoring Jeannie Aquino and celebrating her 105 years of life, wisdom, and community spirit.


About Soledad Community Health Care District:

Soledad Community Health Care District is committed to providing quality healthcare services and fostering a sense of community well-being. With a focus on excellence, compassion, and community engagement, we strive to enhance the health and vitality of Soledad residents.


About Eden Valley Care Center: 

Eden Valley Care Center, part of the Soledad Community Health Care District, is a leading skilled nursing facility in Soledad, CA. We specialize in personalized, high-quality care, offering rehabilitation, wound care, and person-centered services. Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals ensures residents' well-being with compassion and expertise. As a cornerstone of the community, Eden Valley Care Center is committed to providing modern amenities, community integration, and a supportive environment for healing. For more information, contact us at 831-678-2462. Visit



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