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Mission and History


To anticipate and provide services to meet the health care needs of the people we serve. 


To provide comprehensive community based health care to meet your family’s needs now and in the future.

Core Values

Coming together in the spirit of:

  • Caring
  • Responsive
  • Collaborative
  • Concerned
  • Respectful
  • Honesty


Soledad is the fastest growing community in Monterey County. Compared to the more urban areas of Monterey County, Soledad has a statistically lower average household income, a larger family size, a larger percentage of minorities, and our population is primarily employed in agriculture.

During the next five years the city’s population growth is expected to continue growing rapidly. As the community grows, so does the health care needs. Identifying and meeting the needs of the Soledad community is our first priority, thus the Soledad Rural Health Clinic seeks to expand programs and services to serve the growing local demand.

The population of Soledad at recent census was just under 23,000. The clinic is accessed by a population that includes the surrounding communities and rural areas in South Monterey County. This adds an additional 30,000 people to the area that seeks our Medical Clinic services.

Photo of Dr. Richard Handley in black and white.

District Facts

  • Established in 1948
  • Founded by Dr. Richard Handley
  • Originally named the Soledad Community Hospital District
  • Name change in 1995
  • Healthcare needs for Soledad and surrounding communities
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