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Rosemary Guidotti

Position: Secretary
Term: 2024
Email Address:
Mailing Address:
612 Main Street Soledad, CA 93960
Image description: A photograph of Rosemary Guidotti, smiling, wearing glasses with short brown hair, and dressed in a blue and black patterned blouse.

Rosemary Guidotti, a dedicated community member, has served on the Soledad Community Health Care District Board for over 25 years. Living in Soledad for nearly six decades, she moved there after getting married, leaving her hometown of San Juan Bautista behind. After leaving her teaching career to raise her family, Rosemary returned to work as a substitute teacher at Mission Union Elementary School.

Rosemary's decision to join the District Board was driven by her belief in accessible healthcare for the local community. She saw the importance of having a skilled nursing home in Soledad, making it easier for residents to access care. Her commitment to the community's well-being led her to champion the establishment of the Women's Health Center, addressing the need for more local services.

Rosemary's dedication extends beyond her role on the Board. She has been involved in community organizations like the Steinbeck House for 40 years and served as a 4-H leader for 45 years. Her hard work and belief in community causes continue to inspire those around her, making her a valued member of the Soledad community.

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